Ryg og Rejs

2013 - 2014

Photo series shot at different pubs in Copenhagen. I kindly got permission from the owners to temporarily remove all the pictures and signs hanging on the walls and photograph the marks behind them. The marks are caused by intense cigarette smoking colouring the exposed part of the wall over time in negotine yellow. This leaves a negative mark of the things hanging on the wall.

I find it interesting how unintended markings and traces occur. These marks are besides being a direct representation of the things that formed them also an interesting indication of time. They are caused by thousands and thousands of hours of smoking. They are not just the result of an immediate action but of an ongoing activity that stretches many years and is in nature collective. Furthermore it is not static. It will continue to evolve and get more intense. Maybe the pictures are rearranged sometime in the future. Maybe it will be painted over or government restrictions will cause a total ban on smoking.

Underneath each picture a text informs about what was hanging on the wall and when possible the artist is credited.

Assistent: Lars Uldall