Haben Sie Auto?

2009 - ongoing

This is my venture into architecture and landscape photography. The photographs constitutes a loose series of images with focus on generic and unplanned spaces.

The photos is a somewhat haphazardly stumble through the build and natural environment. Some of the images are precise and technically exquisite while others are snapshot-like and done without much attention to detail. A delirious view on the often random encounters that makes up architecture and landscape consumption. Sometimes the conditions are perfect and we are experiencing the environment at its most postcardesque. Other times (probably most of the time) the weather is rainy, the light is fading or we are in a bad mood. The beautiful cathedrals and extravagant cultural institutions are great and all, but maybe the taxi ride from the airport or the lobby at the peripheral two star hotel is not without architectural qualities either?

The photos ranges from being clearly figurative to complete abstractions. Some are perfectly lit while others are shot is extreme low light conditions. In these low light photos the sensitivity of the camera has been set to maximum which is causing all kinds of grains and digital artifacts to appear. These photos are both about the subject they are depicting, but also about their own status as photographs. The grains and artifacts is pointing to the technical process of creating a photo while also being quite beautiful in their own right.