Gyldendal Posters


Posters designed for the Danish publisher Gyldendal. They are inspired by the cover of Danish writer Inger Christensen’s poetry collection “Alfabet” which was designed by Gyldendals legendary in house designer Austin Grandjean. On the posters an alphabet is organized in a visible grid. The alphabet is both a reference to Inger Christensen’s book and to the activity of Gyldendal as a publisher in general. The visible grid is a way to expose the process that went into creating the composition and serves as a reference to graphic design.

About Austin Grandjean: Grandjean (1930-2006) was a Danish graphic designer and art director. He was working at Gyldendal (Denmark’s largest publishing company) from 1954 to 1999. During this period Grandjean designed over 10.000 book covers and created the visual identity of the company.

About Inger Christensen: Inger Christensen (1935-2009) was a Danish writer and poet. Christensen had a highly experimental approach to writing. She is considered as one of the most important modernist artist in Denmark.