2016 - ongoing

Art direction and graphic design for the the Copehagen brewpub BRUS and its offshoot BRUS Oslo. BRUS is both two physical locations and a brand of beers and craft cocktails. I was part of the team designing BRUS’ main venue in Copehagen. I was involved in the art direction of lightning, furniture, greenery and colour scheme. I designed the decoration, signage, website and the overall graphic system.

The logo system for BRUS

The graphic system in centered around a series of logo variations. BRUS is meaning carbonation in Danish. So the logo variations could be seen as being graphic interpretations of bobbles. Furthermore the various logos also gives the impression of going from one state to another. The chemical process of moving between stages is crucial to the act of brewing. Going from hot to cold, from gas to liquid and so on. The different logos is also a way of showing the various functions and outputs of BRUS. From a bar to a brewery and from a cocktail brand to a restaurant. The logo variations also serves a practical purpose. One might fit well on a t-shirt while an other works on the signage and a third is found on the smartphone version of the website.

Various event banners.

Promotional postcards.

The interior of the bar at BRUS Copenhagen. Custom furniture and lamps by Rømer/Harboe juxtaposed with the J39 chair by Børge Mogensen.

The brewery at BRUS is illuminated in various colours during the evening hours. Light design by Sofia Ivar.

Each new instalment in the series of BRUS coasters features a different colour combination.

The front page of the BRUS website. Coding by David Udsen.

A sub page on the BRUS website. Coding by David Udsen.