2014 - ongoing

“Inflation” is an ongoing series of extremely grainy digital photos. The photos are shot in very low light conditions and the light sensitivity of the camera has been set to maximum. They are seriously underlit, technically speaking. This courses the images to become full of grains and artifacts. Some of the photos almost becomes monochrome since the imaging sensor of the camera has so little information to process. Some of the photos depicts recognizable objects and scenes while others becomes abstractions or something in between. This series is not only about the subjects of the photos but also about the photos themself. It is about the textures and almost tactile feel of the images. The extremely low light confuses the camera and makes it ad artifacts that was never there in the first place. This series has in some way much more in common with modernist painting then with photojournalism for instance. It is not about creating a believable and trustworthy representation of reality. It is maybe not even about telling a story or conveying a massage. It is a personal and subjective expression that is as much about the camera itself, as it is about what is in front of it.