Three posters with actual distress calls designed like archetypical discount signs printed on florescent paper. The distress calls are from MS Estonia, Kayak One and Titanic. Maritime distress calls are among the most eerie things there are. A ship in trouble, far out at sea, crying for help. They are often broadcasted as distorted radio messages making it even more uncanny.

Discount signs seems visually interesting. The typography is often made by hand and they have a real graphic quality. I took the distress calls out of their eerie emergency context and pasted them into a world of cheep offers and mass consumption. The idea of advertising distress calls seems absurd. Almost like advertising a disaster. Combining these two unrelated things almost results in a new autonomous product. They cancel each other out and become pure form.

The name “Lost” is both a reference to literally being lost at sea and being lost in consumption. You could maybe argue that the concept of this artwork is a bit lost.